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Partagas Serie D No. 4

The Partagas Serie D No 4 is a short lasting cigar for when there’s only time for a quick cigar.  Full flavoured, well balanced and smooth.

A smooth even burn, no unevenness, and easy to light and to keep lit.  Ever so slightly bitter, but generally a pleasant, enjoyable smoke.  An excellent after dinner cigar. Continue reading

Montecristo No.5

A shorter version of the ever popular Montecristo No.4, the No.5 is a great cigar when you don’t have as long to enjoy a pleasant smoke.  The same great Montecristo flavour for a quicker smoke. Continue reading

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Montecristo No.4

An excellent medium to full flavoured Cuban cigar. Continue reading

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Punch Punch

The Punch Punch cigar is a very enjoyable, long lasting smoke.  A smooth full flavoured cigar, the Punch Punch will last for up to an hour’s enjoyable smoke. Continue reading