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Boveda Packs help regulate cigar humidity in humidor

Boveda packs are a hassle free way of regulating your humidor and cigar humidity.

Instead of using a standard liquid-filled humidifier in your humidor, you can pop a Boveda pack into your humidor and relax knowing that the humidity of your cigars is being precisely controlled and regulated.

Boveda packs come in a variety of preset humidity values ranging from 62% through to 84%.

Your cigars will benefit from being stored at a relative humidity between 65% and 75%, with the exact value being as much about the individual cigars as your own taste preference. Many cigar smokers prefer their Cuban cigars stored at 65% but your own ‘best’ humidity will depend on where you are in the world, and how dry or otherwise you like your cigars. Too much humidity and they can be harder to keep alight and seem too moist. Too little humidity leading to cigars drying out can produce a bitter taste when smoking the cigar.

Boveda packs regulate the humidity by releasing and absorbing moisture so that a preset value of humidity is maintained.

If you are using Boveda packs to regulate the humidity in your humidor you do not need to use standard liquid-filled humidifiers as well. You can choose to use a standard liquid humidifier as well if you want, but the Boveda packs will regulate the humidity around the desired value.

It is important to note that Boveda packs can only regulate the humidity of a limited volume of air and cigars. So depending on the size of your humidor, you may need multiple Boveda packs in the humidor at the same time to make sure the humidor humidity stays constant at your desired level.

So in a small humidor you might find that one Boveda pack is struggling to raise the humidity enough. If this is the case, simply pop an additional Boveda pack in the humidor and hopefully that will sort the problem.

Recharging Boveda Packs

After two or three months you will find that you Boveda packs stiffen up. They start out feeling very liquid-like inside but as they get used up the material inside goes hard.

The good news is that they can be recharged, renewed to be used again.

To recharge your Boveda packs, place them in a sealed plastic container with a glass of pure water. It is essential that the container is completely sealed.

Slowly over time, the Boveda packs will absorb moisture from the highly humid air in the sealed container. When the Boveda packs feel normal again, they have been recharged, ready to use in your humidor again. It might take a few weeks to fully recharge your Boveda packs, so it is a good idea to have a second set of Boveda packs available to use in your humidor while the first set are being recharged. Then you can swap them over and recharge the second set in a continuous cycle.

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by Josh on Boveda Packs

I use two 69% Boveda packs in my 50 cigar humidor. The humidity stays around 65-67% which appears to be normal, a few percent below rated value as Boveda say themselves about wooden humidors.

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