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Can you carry a lighter on an airplane

Simple question – Can you take a lighter on a plane with you?

Simple answer – Yes you can take a lighter on your flight. But be aware that there are conditions.

Airlines have a long list of prohibited items and lighters are on this list.  This ban applies to disposable and refillable lighters and matches carried in your checked hold luggage and your hand baggage.  This is an important and understandable safety precaution. They don’t want hazardous, potentially explosive materials or items likely to start fires in unsupervised luggage.

However you CAN take a lighter with you on the plane if it is carried on your person.

This means that you must carry the lighter with you, in your pocket.

It cannot be stuffed into your hand luggage or hand bag. If you are going to take a lighter on a plane, you must keep it with you at all times.

When you are going through the airport security scanning, you must place the lighter in one of the trays to be passed through the scanner.

Despite the rules about placing liquids in a clear plastic resealable bag, a lighter can simply be placed in the tray on its own. The scanner staff will recognise it as a cigarette or cigar lighter and pass it through usually without additional checks. Of course the airport security staff will reserve the right to fully examine an item, including a lighter, that you want to bring onboard and check that it is what it looks like.

If you have any doubt about your particular lighter it is always best to ask the airport and airline staff. You can do this at check-in or at the airline information desk.

Once you reach the security scanners it is too late to change your mind and leave your lighter back in the car at the airport carpark. If the security staff deny your lighter it will be put in a bin for disposal. It won’t matter to the security staff how expensive the lighter is, or whether it has important sentimental value, if your lighter is not allowed it will be disposed of.

So check with the airport, the flight check-in desk or other airline staff if you are in any doubt.

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