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Cigar Punch – What is it and How to use it

A cigar punch is a handy little gadget for preparing a cigar, prior to smoking it.  Punching a cigar is an alternative to cutting the end off with cigar scissors or a cigar cutter.

Cigar punches come in a variety of sizes and are essentially a small, very sharp, circular blade.  You press the cigar punch into the end of your cigar, and when you remove it, you have punched a circular hole in cigar, ready to smoke it.

Using a cigar punch can sometimes make a cleaner cut than a standard cigar cutter, resulting in less loose strands of tobacco which can be unpleasant in the mouth.

With using a cigar punch, less of the diameter of the end of the cigar is removed. This can lead to a tighter draw when smoking the cigar, if that’s what you prefer. The drawback can be that a punched cigar that is harder to keep lit may be more likely to go out more often without regular, stronger puffs.

A cigar punch can only be used on certain cigars. Because it removes a fixed size disc from the end of the cigar, your cigar need to be at least several mm larger in diameter to allow the cigar punch to do its job.

Also, a cigar punch can only really be used for cigars with rounded ends. Conical ended cigars would not be suitable for using a cigar punch.

In cases where a cigar punch cannot be used, you will have to use a standard cigar cutter or cigar scissors to prepare the end of the cigar for smoking. So while a cigar punch can be a useful gadget, you will probably need to have a cigar cutter in your arsenal as well.

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