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When to finish smoking a cigar

When should you finish smoking a cigar? How short can you keep smoking a cigar before you should stop?

When is a cigar finished?

For a thick cigar, a good guide is probably when there is around 1 inch of cigar left, or maybe just a little less.  Around a thumb-width or so. Continue reading

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Can you carry a lighter on an airplane

Simple question – Can you take a lighter on a plane with you?

Simple answer – Yes you can take a lighter on your flight. But be aware that there are conditions.

Airlines have a long list of prohibited items and lighters are on this list.  This ban applies to disposable and refillable lighters and matches carried in your checked hold luggage and your hand baggage.  This is an important and understandable safety precaution. They don’t want hazardous, potentially explosive materials or items likely to start fires in unsupervised luggage.

However you CAN take a lighter with you on the plane if it is carried on your person. Continue reading

Removing the smell of stale cigar smoke

Smoking a fine cigar at home is a really enjoyable, relaxing experience. But when you come into the room the next day, the smell of stale smoke can be annoying.

The smoke gets caught in soft fabrics like curtains, cushions, even carpet.

While the smell of the cigar might have been amazing the night before, now it’s something you just want to get rid of.

So how do you remove the smell of smoke? Continue reading