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Cubita Cuban Coffee Beans

Cubita Cuban coffee is the perfect accompaniment to a good Cuban cigar. Smooth and yet deep flavours transport you to sunny, relaxed island thoughts.

I picked up a pack of Cubita Cuban coffee beans with the last batch of Cuban cigars I ordered from my usual online supplier. It was more of an impulse buy rather than an intended purchase, but I have to say I was really impressed.

It has been around 10 years since my last visit to Cuba but something about this coffee brought back memories.

Cubita Coffee Review

Opening the sealed pack, there wasn’t a particularly strong smell from the coffee beans. But all that changed after grinding the coffee beans and putting on a brew.

The smell of the Cubita coffee in the cup was suddenly all there. The coffee aroma instantly made me think of how it compliments the smell of cigars so well.

This coffee is good at any time, of course. But if you were to sit down outside in the sun with a cup of Cubita coffee, a good cigar, and close your eyes, you could easily imagine yourself back in Havana.

Cubita Coffee Tasting Notes

A full bodied and strong flavour without being bitter. And a hint of smokiness that pairs so well with cigars.

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Cubita Cuban Coffee Beans
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