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Removing the smell of stale cigar smoke

Smoking a fine cigar at home is a really enjoyable, relaxing experience. But when you come into the room the next day, the smell of stale smoke can be annoying.

The smoke gets caught in soft fabrics like curtains, cushions, even carpet.

While the smell of the cigar might have been amazing the night before, now it’s something you just want to get rid of.

So how do you remove the smell of smoke?

Because the smoke is new and hasn’t been embedded for a long time, probably the most immediate thing to do is open all the windows in the room as wide as you can. Create an air flow. Open as many windows and outside doors as possible throughout the house. The idea is to get a good draft of air flowing through the house and in particular through the room you smoked your cigar in.

A flow of fresh air will do the world of good.

The next thing to do is get the air freshener out. Febreze is your friend in this scenario with cigar smoke. Something like Febreze can be sprayed on to your fabrics to draw smells like smoke from your fine cigar out from the fibres. It’s great for curtains, rugs, cushions, etc, basically any soft furnishings that would have absorbed your cigar smoke (always read the label just in case).

A plug-in air freshener will help temporarily, as will scented candles.

Vinegar is a well known smoke smell remover. Place saucers of vinegar around the room. You will have to put up with the smell of vinegar, but it does help.

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